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The Haunted: Hells Reach - Read Me


Please click "FANDOM" above first if you have never heard about the story of the game.
The awardwinning game has had a major revamp since Xmas 2021 until now with the completed Santa Town Level. That was all financed by ourselves and we know that a lot of people have fun and enjoy playing the complete re-done game!

May be you also know we are currently overhauling the entire game with a lot of new stuff on the actual Unreal Engine! See our awesome Teaser as published on Oct 25, 2022 in the NEWS of our Steamstore (clicking above leads you there). Our goal is to repeat the big success the game had back then from which we had exactly nothing than debts through no fault of our own.
However, it is still a lot of work before the new game can be published, but step by step we are taking it and it will be worth it! Please spread the info and keep supporting our Hauntedgames Project TYA Remaster - the release will be Xmas 2023.

Since getting nothing from elsewhere we beg everyone to only buy on Steam (other Steam Keys from the time up to 2015 are still underway) or directly from us by donation - which would be fantastic! We prepared here three options to choose from plus one for our Australian friends !


We are going to contact each donor!

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